Name: Siemanko
Level: 50
Ki Level: 0
Vocation: Goku
Gender: Male
Residence: Small City
Last Login: 11th August 2020 15:09:52
Developing: 7
Critic: 1
Sword: 1
Strength: 61
Ki blasting: 1
Energy: 100
Attack speed: 1

Health: 13392 / 13480
Ki points: 11520 / 11520
Experience: 1906721
To next level: 58279 exp to 51 level.

Extra Stats
melee attack0
ki attack0
melee defense0
ki defense0
ki points0

Special Death Beam
Chybie Furie
Xicor Challenge (part 1)
Xicor Challenge (part 2)
Stronger Power
Shenron Attack
Lightning Color
Super Band Quest
Arctic Quest
Flore Quest
Magma Quest
Ultra Power Quest
Hyper Power Quest
Demonic Quest (part 1)
Demonic Quest (part 2)
Mystic Death Beam
Mystic Flash Attack
Shenron Blast Quest
Death Reach Quest
Sun Necklace Quest
Antarctic Necklace Quest
Death Flash Quest
Double Flash Quest
SS Quest
Astral Quest
Saiyan Saga
Freeza Saga
Cell Saga
Buu Saga
Gt Saga

7th August 2020 07:13:33. Killed at level 50 by Egg Zecutor.
25th July 2020 14:54:56. Killed at level 51 by Dragon Egg.
25th July 2020 14:54:56. Killed at level 51 by Egg Zecutor.