Server commands
!saga---Show your current saga.
teleportALT + TTeleport to temple.
teleport houseALT + HTeleport to your house.
!bol---Buy the band of loss.
!frags---Show your frags.
!techniques---Show your techniques.
!infoALT + IShow informations about yourself.
!ep;!eventpoints---Show your event points.
!removetrain---Remove trainer which stand next to you.
!mdb---Change the color of "Mystic Death Beam". Cost: 100 crystals.
!shopALT + SOpen game shop.
!questfinderALT + QOpen quest finder.
!cloudALT + CSit on the cloud.
!autolootALT + LOpen auto loot window.
!cast---Cast system.
!zone---Turn on/off showing zones.
!pvpalert---Turn on/off pvp alert.
!pztime---Show time to the end of pz.
!task---Show your tasks.
!hl;!hunting;!hunts;!huntingsystem---Show hunting log.
!bounty---Determines the reward for someone's head. Example: !bounty patrykq,100.
!online---Show players online.
!uptime---Show server uptime.
/removefragsALT + RRemove frags. Example: /removefrags patrykq
!removepzALT + PRemove PZ.
!tradepp---Give your premium points on trade. Example: !tradepp patrykq,500.
!tradehouse---Give your house on trade. Example: !tradehouse patrykq.
!house kick---Kick somebody from house.
!house door---Edit door list in your house
!house guest---Edit guest list in your house.
!house subowner---Edit subowner list in your house.
!leavehouse---Leave from house.
!magiceffects;!me---Turn on/off magic effects.

Transformations etc.
What say?Description
transformTransform your character.
revertRevert your character.
fusionFusion transformation your character.
share kiShare ki with somebody.
senseSearch somebody.