Small City - House XIXSmall CityBaby790
Small City - House XXSmall CityBot Siarczano460
Small City - House XXISmall CityKiller680
Temple House VIISmall CitySzpaku540
Temple House VIIISmall CityKawalek540
Temple House IXSmall CityGabe540
Temple House XVSmall CityChakra730
Small City - House ISmall CityKonfucjusz250
Big City - House ISmall CityBonkers680
Big City - House IISmall CityVuxu680
Big City - House IIISmall CityShizeer780
Big City - House IVSmall CityJudasz820
Big City - House VSmall CityBalus820
Big City - House VISmall CityRagnar Lothbrok820
Big City - House VIISmall CitySkalkovsky820
Big City - House VIIISmall City-----800
Small City - House IISmall CityBlackredek250
Small City - House IIISmall CityNature calls200
Big City - House XIIISmall CityCleanplay940
House LXVIISmall City-----250
House LXVIIISmall City-----250
Vegeta House ISmall CityMajciarz380
Guild House ISmall CityWiernapopico11510
House LXIXSmall CityWhiis250
House LXXSmall CityAnother250
House LXXISmall City-----250
House LXXIISmall CityTancze Caly Czas250
House LXXIIISmall CityIncognito250
House LXXIVSmall City-----250
House LXXVSmall City-----250
House LXXVISmall City-----250
House LXXVIISmall CityNightmare Broly250
House LXXVIIISmall City-----250
House LXXIXSmall City-----250
Vegeta House IISmall City-----380
Vegeta House IIISmall CityRubi380
Vegeta House IVSmall City-----380
Vegeta House VSmall CityBelmondo700
Vegeta House VISmall City-----340
Vegeta House VIISmall City-----160
Vegeta House VIIISmall City-----180
Vegeta House IXSmall City-----180
Vegeta House XSmall City-----180
Vegeta House XISmall City-----640
Vegeta House XIISmall City-----470
Vegeta House XIIISmall City-----330
Vegeta House XIVSmall City-----330
Small City - House IVSmall CityFiutus200
Small City - House VSmall CityApachi150
Small City - House VISmall CityBeta150
Small City - House VIISmall CityMocik200
Small City - House VIIISmall CityBrix200
Small City - House IXSmall CityBuscoamnima150
Small City - House XSmall City-----150
Small City - House XISmall CityPan Puszek250
Small City - House XIISmall CityHakai250
Small City - House XIIISmall CityAltayir300
House LXXXSmall City-----250
Premia House ISmall CityBigvkie690
Premia House IISmall City-----690
Premia House IIISmall City-----690
House LXXXISmall CityBlueface250
House LXXXIISmall City-----250
House XIISmall CityFrosbite2000
House LXXXIIISmall City-----250
House LXXXIXSmall City-----250
Hope City - House ISmall City-----2220
House XCSmall City-----250
House XCISmall City-----250
House XCIISmall City-----250
House XCIIISmall City-----250
House XCIVSmall City-----250
House XCVSmall City-----250
House XCVISmall City-----250
House XCVIISmall City-----250
House XCVIIISmall City-----250
Guild House VISmall City-----9640
Small City - House XIVSmall CityKarmel300
Small City - House XVSmall CityVenom Mx300
Small City - House XVISmall CityTop Goku300
Small City - House XVIISmall CityObsrany Kacperek300
Small City - House XVIIISmall CityPojebany Arus300
Under Temple House ISmall CityMusztarda200
Under Temple House IISmall CityOfensywa200
Under Temple House IIISmall CityCyborg270
Under Temple House IVSmall CityTaktyczny Janek240
Under Temple House VSmall CitySiarczano240
Under Temple House VISmall CityJack Daniells270
Under Temple House VIISmall CityKinderek360
Under Temple House VIIISmall CityKhali360
Under Temple House IXSmall CityYesterday360
Under Temple House XSmall CityPacynkaa360
Under Temple House XISmall CityBuncyk360
Under Temple House XIISmall CityMiyaki Chan360
Under Temple House XIIISmall CityUwuuwuewe360
Under Temple House XIVSmall CityJohnny Test360
Guild House IIISmall CityVapormax Plus9940
Guild House IVSmall CityPiekny swiat9940
Heaven House ISmall City-----200
Heaven House IISmall City-----200
Heaven House IIISmall City-----200
Heaven House IVSmall City-----200
Heaven House VSmall City-----200
Heaven House VISmall City-----200
Heaven House VIISmall City-----640
Heaven House VIIISmall City-----640
Heaven House IXSmall City-----640
Heaven House XSmall City-----640
Heaven House XISmall City-----640
Heaven House XIISmall City-----640
Heaven House XIIISmall City-----640
Heaven House XIVSmall City-----640
Heaven House XVSmall City-----640
Heaven House XVISmall City-----640
Heaven House XVIISmall CityXuee810
Heaven House XVIIISmall City-----810
Heaven House XIXSmall City-----810
Heaven House XXSmall CityGraco810
East Atlantida - Guild House ISmall City-----20040
East Atlantida - House ISmall CityAnotakilos1730
East Atlantida - House IISmall CityCiamajda1730
East Atlantida - House IIISmall CityWhistler1730
East Atlantida - House IVSmall CityFech1730
East Atlantida - Guild House IISmall City-----20690
Temple HouseSmall CityMakaweli530
Rookgaard - House IRookgaard-----140
Rookgaard - House IIRookgaard-----100
Rookgaard - House IIIRookgaard-----220
Rookgaard - House IVRookgaard-----220
Rookgaard - House VRookgaard-----260
Rookgaard - House VIRookgaard-----260
Rookgaard - House VIIRookgaard-----380
Rookgaard - House VIIIRookgaard-----380
Rookgaard - House IXRookgaard-----340
Big City - House XIVSmall CityBob Son1080
Big City - House XVSmall CityVixdr1080
Small City - House XXVIIISmall CityNachto510
Small City - House XXIXSmall CityKocurr510
Guild House IISmall CityCosmo Grubcio5330
Small City - House XXXSmall CityPiatek510
Big City - House XVISmall CityHeref1150
Big City - House XVIISmall CityVapormax to kurwa1150
Under Temple House XVSmall CityGenvis350
Under Temple House XVISmall CityFiofi550
Under Temple House XVIISmall CityMsr350
Under Temple House XVIIISmall CityWytrysk590
Under Temple House XIXSmall CityElobenc350
Under Temple House XXSmall CityMex Hub560
Under Temple House XXISmall CityValbnor350
Under Temple House XXIISmall CityDissney540
Under Temple House XXIIISmall CityParadalf450
Under Temple House XXIVSmall CityStephano540
Under Temple House XXVSmall CityLai1600
Big City - House XVIIISmall CityWonchaj Szkite480
Event Room - House ISmall CitySteve590
Event Room - House IISmall CityVegito Pro590
Event Room - House IIISmall CityWytrych590
Event Room - House IVSmall CityBombas590
Event Room - House VSmall CityBumek590
Event Room - House VISmall CityValtis590
Event Room - House VIISmall CityBon coeur590
Event Room - House VIIISmall CityNightmare590
Event Room - House IXSmall CitySkazakultury590
Event Room - House XSmall CitySmnyy590
Event Room - House XISmall CityBogestetyki590
Event Room - House XIISmall CityBandziorek590
Event Room - House XIIISmall CityDencer590
Event Room - House XIVSmall CityBarkley590
Event Room - House XVSmall CityRumako590
Event Room - House XVISmall CityCyrk Na Kolkach590
Big City - House IXSmall CityNo To Cyk650
Big City - House XSmall CitySnoop Lion510
Big City - House XISmall CityMati510
Guild House VSmall CitySnikers8260
Temple House IISmall CityJacob Montana260
Small City - House XXIISmall CityPlayboi carti480
Small City - House XXIIISmall CityCosmo Wody480
Small City - House XXIVSmall CityKrokodill680
Big City - House XIXSmall CityAfro Circus860
Big City - House XXSmall CityGlaca820
Big City - House XXISmall CityNiepokorny820
Guild House VIISmall CityBogini Sexu6040
Small City - House XXVSmall CityGirl Scout Cookies400
Small City - House XXVISmall CityZxgsaasf510