Task System

How does our task system work?
For killing each monster you get task points that you can exchange for prizes
(the number of task points depends on the health of the monster).
You start with a limit of 500 points.
For an appropriate fee (in the amount of your maximum points) you can increase this limit by another 500 points, which will allow you to buy new prizes.

In game

Option Description Cost
Max points Increases your maximum number of task points by 500 100% task points
Better upgraders 100 better upgraders 150 task points
Better upgraders 1 100% upgrader 200 task points
Red senzu 1500 red senzu 250 task points
Crystals 3000 crystals 500 task points
Bonus rate 1x bonus rate for 2 hours 750 task points
Box of shining pearls 1x box of shining pearls 1000 task points
Training Bottle 1x training bottle 1500 task points
Super bonus rate 1x super bonus rate for 2 hours 2500 task points