instant transmission - teleport behind the target's back
thunder punch - Melee damage +20% for 30 seconds
burst rush - Push players around you up to 3sqm's and deal damage
ghost support - buff 40 str/25 critic/2 attack speed
double rage - Ki damage +20% for 30 seconds
rushing buster - Multi-target + 8 seconds paralyze
barakuitsu furie - Aoe pull
namek illusion - create a clone that runs away with your enemies
cybernetic barrier - Immune to damage from spells for 4 seconds
death barroer - create steerable 3x3 barrier that deals damage - you can move it by using mouse scroll
ki barrier - reflects 20 damage
cyber energy shot - super target + 2 seconds paralyze
super paralyze - paralyze target
total weakness - when used on a target, it deals no melee damage for 5 seconds
jr support - buff 50 str/25 critic/2 attack speed
change to cookie - change target into cookie for 7 seconds, targets spells are disabled
death area - Area cage+immune to damage for 4 seconds
repeat attack - Repeats 50% of damage dealt of your third spell
monster lure - Taunt monsters within 8 sqm range around you
uub rage - +25% ki defense, +50% attack speed, -100% ki damage
friends regeneration - heal party members for 50% hp/mp
raging blast - super target + push + cancel target
brave slash - super target + stun 3 seconds
black rage - 50 str/10 critic/2 attack speed +Create shootable magic walls using mouse scroll button
double attack - double "shenron attack" and "shenron blast"
clever confusion - all those who target us lose their target
narrow barrier - creates a cage from which the target cannot escape
super push - enable fast push for you and your party members withing 2 sqm range for 20 seconds
god immunity - immortality for 5 seconds
target stun - stun 3 seconds
super master rage - better buff + push players up to 3sqm's and deal damage
taiyoken - blinding for 4 seconds
god pull - grab target to sqm in front of you
destruction area - shootable cage on target for 15s
weakness - weakens the target by 20% for 10 seconds
time swap - swap positions with target
angel ability - deals damage and multi-target stun for 2.5 seconds
energy trap - creates traps behind us for 10 seconds - you can also create them with using mouse scroll

passive specials:
Vegeta - Receives +0.25% ki damage, melee damage, critical chance, attack speed for each % of health lost